World Resources Simulation Center

NextNow Collab is collaborating with the World Resources Simulation Center (WRSC) to create community around the use of information visualization tools to globally “visualize our resources, assess our needs, compare strategies and choose the best course of action.”  Anyone familiar with the goals of NextNow Collab will immediately recognize the synergy between the two organizations.  NextNow individual partners include Bill Daul, Bonnie DeVarco, Gil Friend, John Graham, and Claudia Welss, and we expect to be joined by many others. They are actively seeking partners; if you have interest please let them know.

From their website:

The World Resources Simulation Center


The World Resources Simulation Center (WRSC) will be a non-profit visualization facility where you can literally “see” the critical trends of global and regional issues, the relationships between issues, and the consequences of different strategies. For detailed information, begin by downloading the proposal documents to learn more about the specifics of the project. Next, explore several quick demonstrations of new technologies and how data and mapping information can be utilized in powerful new ways.

Then, we invite you to register your interest, and we’ll keep you updated on our progress. We are actively seeking partners, expertise and investment for the project.


A large format, immersive visualization and simulation facility, the WRSC will compile an inventory of world resources, analyze and assess historical and projected trends, and study best practices and solutions to current and anticipated problems. The WRSC will provide global leaders from business, governments, education and NGOs a resource for cooperation and collaboration to make informed and sustainable choices for humanity as a whole in the shortest possible time. In our world of multiple crises, this kind of visualization tool is critical for thoughtful decision-making.

The WRSC will take advantage of current and evolving technologies which allow us to gather and turn data into accessible information, layered and displayed as 4-D map projections, to conduct geospatial analysis, to explore, visualize and create sophisticated optimal predictions that add insight and certainty to decision making. This visualization and simulation infrastructure provides access to in-depth, networked, globally distributed data on world resources, global trends and conditions.

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  1. hi there – make sure you profile this great initiative on http://www.2020climatesolutions,org (also 4YGo partner).

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