Green World Campaign

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The Green World Campaign Vision:  By 2050, Reforest the Earth to 1980 Levels.

Former White House science chief John Holdren said that one “chance to avoid catastrophe” is to now “accelerate afforestation and reforestation in all regions where this is practicable.”  Holdren calls trees one of the most important of seven “wedges” for mitigating climate change.

The Green World Campaign (GWC) has been cited by OneEarth, the magazine of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), for its bold agenda:  Turn degraded lands green again.  Raise the living standards of the rural poor.  Combat climate change.  Create holistic ways to work for the health of our shared biosphere and the harmony of our global village.

The GWC connects those who want to help create a more sustainable world with on-the-ground projects that help people and planet.  We provide ecological and social benefits where they’re most needed.  We seek out effective grassroots partners, and find the simplest, most direct ways to contribute to their success.  This includes funding local sustainable enterprises, new revenue streams, community development strategies, and monitoring and evaluation, and training.

Our work centers around tree-planting and forest protection. Trees revitalize the soil, increase crops and animal forage, recharge aquifers, provide sustainable fuel and building materials, and absorb atmospheric carbon.  We ally with trusted, ground-level partners who best know local needs and opportunities.  Villagers work for the benefits our programs bring, and we learn more than we teach.  The GWC now has afffiliate programs in Mexico, Ethiopia, India, and the Phillippines.  There are opportunities for strategic partnerships in over a dozen countries.

The GWC stresses the need to link environmental action in the developed world with green self-sufficiency and “regenerative ecology” in the developing world.  The GWC also designs media-rich interfaces that encourage wide public engagement.  We invite companies and organizations to affilate to restore the ecology and economy of the world’s poorest places.

Our new collaboratory, Green World Carbon, brings leading global experts to the challenge of ethical, community-centered carbon trading to preserve and restore forests and local villages.

We started the Green World Campaign with the seed of an idea:  “What can we accomplish as global citizens if we really put our minds and hearts to it?”

The answer:  Anything.  The innovative year-long “Green the World” campaign that was kicked off in Times Square proves it.

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