Women Inventors and Innovators Virtual Exhibit and Mural: NextNow Collab Project Visualizes Complex History to Illuminate the Contributions of Women

The focus of the Women Inventors and Innovators Mural is subtle, powerful and essential for our evolutionary times.  Through illuminating the drivers of success and resilience that have enabled women to help change the world over the last 100-plus years–often against great odds–our goal is to help accelerate the necessary shift to a more balanced and equitable world, furthering innovation important for meaningful societal advancement and planetary wellness.
This project of the NextNow Collaboratory leverages our hallmark approach to complex problems:  Making the Invisible Visible™ through the visualization of complex information via large murals that show events and ideas in a single big picture, enabling us to perceive key patterns and relationships and identify new solutions.
At a time when women are coming to the fore globally, we’re telling new stories in novel ways, speeding our progress toward the long-overdue goal of giving women equal influence and voice on our planet. Recently featured in the Royal Society for the Arts news, the Women’s Inventors and Innovators project has the following unique elements:
For NextNow Collaboratory, this is an extension of our work with Dr. Doug Engelbart and his vision for Raising Collective IQ through Co-Evolution of Culture and Technology.  We have already made discoveries about how we can expedite culture shifts that will enable women to have more equitable influence and impact on our planet.
So much gratitude for the initial Google grant to Women Inventors and Innovators.  Now, sponsors for display rooms in the virtual gallery or for individual inventors/innovators on the mural helps take the work to the next level.  Tax deductible donations are welcome here: https://www.razoo.com/us/story/Women-Inventors-And-Innovators Please contact eileen@visualinsight.net for details.

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