The Legacy of an Astronaut: From Outer Space to Inner Space

“Edgar Mitchell entrusted his life to technology, and technology repaid him by enabling a life-altering epiphany as he viewed Earth from space. The IONS Innovation Lab continues the exploration of the beneficial role technology can play in shifting planetary consciousness.”  Claudia Welss, IONS Innovation Lab Advisor

Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut and 6th man to walk on the moon, was a keynote speaker for NextNow Collaboratory’s defining project, the International Society for Digital Earth Symposium at UC Berkeley (ISDE5).

I’ve know Edgar since 1995. Even in his 80’s he’d tell me that he planned to return to space on behalf of humanity.

Yesterday, I was in a meeting at the organization Ed founded upon his return to Earth, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, when we heard of Ed’s passing. There is no way to feel prepared for the loss of his Earthly presence. But we all had a profound sense that Edgar felt free to let go because his work here was done, he successfully passed the torch, and as we sat holding pieces of it at yesterday’s landmark meeting of advisors and friends of the new IONS Innovation Lab, we sensed this was all ordained and felt overwhelming gratitude.

Enjoy the journey, Edgar.

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