Happy Earth Day. Now Text TREE.

This is what Times Square will look like between 10am-1pm tomorrow for Green World Campaign’s launch of “ReGreen the World” and TEXT TREE initiative. When you make a donation of $5 to plant 5 trees, the “treemometer” will go up turning Times Square into an urban forest. TEXT TREE to 85944. Follow @texttree on twitter and facebook at facebook.com/greenworldcampaign.

From NextNowCollab partner Marc Ian Barasch and Green World Campaign.  Text TREE and show your support for the planet.

On Friday, April 22, from the heart of Times Square, the Green World Campaign will launch a year-long initiative to “ReGreen the World.”  Supported by Earth Day New York, the GWC’s dazzling animated graphics will swirl across jumbo screens day and night, inviting spectators—and people across the country– to Text TREE to 85944 and ReGreen the World. It will be spectacular, with more than 10 jumbo screens involved—including the building-sized NASDAQ and American Eagle—turning Times Square into a virtual forest at regular intervals.

Go to vimeo.com/greenworld/texttree to see the video.

We’ll be using the same technology—text2give–deployed by the Red Cross for disaster relief. Here’s the basic way it works: When the word “tree” is texted to the number 85944 by anyone from anywhere in the U.S., a $5 donation will automatically be charged to their cellphone bill. The Green World Campaign will use this to plant 5 trees on degraded land from Kenya to Mexico, from India to the Philippines. Trees help restore biodiversity, reduce atmospheric CO2, revitalize soil and support economic self-sufficiency in struggling indigenous communities.

A $5 donation can be made right now–and repeated up to 5 times.

And here’s a cool feature: Contributions texted on Earth Day, April 22, between the hours 10 a.m and 1 p.m. EDT, will show up in real-time on a giant Toshiba display in Times Square.

So, we’re asking people to donate starting now, but especially to donate on the 22nd to visibly demonstrate how global citizens can work together to really “move the needle” for people and the planet. Anyone, anywhere in the U.S., at any time, can Text TREE to 85944 and $5 will go on the cell phone bill to plant trees to restore the ecology and economy of the world’s poorest places. And they will be able to go to the GWC to check our collective progress.

It will be like a national positive feedback loop of what we’re achieving together, what global citizens can do to tangibly change the world now and for generations to come (with a technology that has mostly been used until now for temporary relief efforts).  This is going to roll out in many other forms after Earth Day in the public domain.

PHOTO: This is our Green World Campaign-produced screen content for our Times Square “ReGreen the World” text TREE Earth Day initiative. It will be on 10 jumbo screens in Times Square this Friday, April 22, 2011 (including the building-sized NASDAQ and American Eagle screens) as part of Earth Day New York 2011, turning the urban environment into a virtual forest at regular intervals. This work supports the United Nations Year of Forests 2011.

PSA designed and donated by leading ad agency David & Goliath (L.A., Frankfurt, London) and Stockholm-based FilmTecknarna. Production was funded by a grant from the U.K.-based CBD Charitable Trust. Technical coordination of this complex project will be overseen by Tal Yarden, a leading New York video designer and multimedia programmer. An interactive “treemometer” created by leading game designer Greg Roach will display real-time updates of contributors, creating a unique “positive feedback loop” in public space. Project partners include EarthWays Foundation, CauseCast, the One Spirit Learning Alliance, Culture Shock Marketing, the Streaming Museum, Iva Kaufmann & Associates, Greg Roach & Spirit Quest World and Imagination, Inc.