Share This Parody With A Purpose: (No) Plastic State of Mind

NextNow Collaboratory is at the center of mobilizing a citizen movement against single-use plastic by shifting awareness.  NextNower Manuel Maqueda is co-founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition and project manager of Trash Island, a NextNow Collab project.  Recently, as an Advisor to PPC, Claudia Welss contacted the recently launched WorldShift Movement to to add the “Fourth R”–Refuse–to their “Shift One Thing Campaign“:

(Actually, “Refuse” should be the FIRST R–Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.)

“REFUSE single-use, disposable plastics such as drinking straws, bottled water at conferences, plastic to-go containers, etc. which will send a message to the purchasers of these items, and will eventually stem the tide of plastics being produced.  The same is true of other dangerous products.  Reducing helps, but Refusing is a World Shifting act. Read more on the Plastic Pollution Coalition web site.”

Today we were alerted by NextNowers Bill Daul and Miriam Karell of Three Point Vision of a new video created by Green Sangha (Miriam is on their board) and New Message Media called “Plastic State of Mind“.  We love this “Parody With a Purpose”–please pass it on!

(By the way, we know Ashel Eldridge, aka Seasunz, not just as a Spoken Word Poet, but as a Green For All Fellow…He’s worth following.)