Second Global Coherence Initiative Sensor Site Installed in Saudi Arabia

Global Coherence Initiative is a NextNowCollab collaboration.  The news about the Saudi Arabia site is a major development for the project, and we’re excited to reprint it here.  For more information, contact Claudia Welss, GCI Steering Committee and Director of Strategic Partnerships: claudia(at)

This past week marked an important milestone for the Global Coherence Initiative, having successfully installed a second GCI Monitoring System Site. GCI Director of Research Rollin McCraty just returned from overseeing the construction of the new sensor site, located near Hofuf in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia–on the opposite side of the planet from our first sensor site in Boulder Creek, California, U.S.  The new site was approved by Prince Abdulaziz Ben Jloui and is named in his honor.

The ability to simultaneously monitor signals on the opposite side of the planet will enable GCI to start building a picture of the rhythms and resonances in the magnetic fields produced by the earth and ionosphere on a global scale–the first time this has ever been done.

We at GCI genuinely appreciate the interest of NextNowNetwork/NextNowCollab members this past year, including all those who joined us for the EcoSentience day in Santa Cruz (during which GCI was presented). It has taken a network of many to allow us to design and set up these two planetary field monitoring sites, with the ultimate goal of determining whether collective positive coherent energy can influence the global field environment.  To continue to move forward we’ll need to keep growing our networks of support.

Now that we have two sensor sites, our next step is to create an automated system to analyze the data coming in from the sites.  We also need to deploy additional strategically positioned sensor sites in upstate New York on the east coast of the U.S., the United Kingdom, Asia and Western Africa, as well as in other parts of the world. If you are interested in sponsoring a sensor site, learn more.

Continued progress in achieving our collective mission of helping shift global consciousness is made possible through your caring participation and on-going support.  Thank you!  Claudia Welss, Rollin McCraty and the GCI Steering Committee


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