Beingness-In-Action: New NextNower Blog Post on IONS “Noetic Now”

NextNower and Institute of Noetic Sciences external research faculty member Claudia Welss wrote this post in the new Noetic Now blog.

(It seems lately almost EVERYTHING has either NOW or NEXT in its name, but Claudia named our network NEXTNOW back in 2003.)

Other bloggers include Marilyn Schlitz, Dean Radin, Larry Dossey, and Peter Russell.

“Have you ever heard someone say, “Hey, if we blow ourselves up/melt ourselves down and become extinct, the planet will finally be able to heal itself, so no big loss.” I’ve heard people express that opinion—some out of compassion for an Earth being destroyed by unsustainable human behavior, but others as a justification for lives of inaction, for business as usual, or simply acquiescing to the inevitability of “what is.

“It feels safe to assume that most of us agree that the loss of our species (or some large portion of it) would be a devastating one. Yet at this unprecedented point in our history—when we are complicit not only in the extinction of other species but perhaps in extincting our own—this debate has found its way into our conversations. For those of us recognizing the primacy and vast untapped potential of consciousness, the debate goes even deeper: What would such a setback mean for the evolution of consciousness itself?…”  Read full post.