One NextNower’s Creative Response to Four Years. GO.

We’ve received many wonderful responses to our recent call to join the Four Years. GO campaign–members have joined and spread the word using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg…and reported feeling it’s a wonderful example of an emergent kind of collaboration.  Below is NextNower Susan Collins‘ personal but very collaborative response. (By the way, Servant Leadership is a very relevant concept and worth understanding in more depth; Robert Greenleaf pioneered it in 1970.)

Greetings from Seattle, WA! I am writing to thank you for the invitation to “4 Years GO!”. I joined immediately upon your suggestion Claudia, and have made a commitment to the project.  I wanted to let you know that my commitment and work as a Business Success Consultant, Astrologer and BLOGTALK radio show host has taken me on a unique adventure that may interest and benefit your members of NextNow and the Collaboratory. My commitment to the “4 Years Go!” movement is to highlight, spread awareness and give a forum for people who are making an impact on the collective consciousness. The way I am able to do that is through a social project I have created on my online radio program at BLOGTALK radio.

I have been dedicating time and space on my BLOGTALK project to give voice to and stimulate awareness for the good works of our everyday heroes. The stories of people who are making an impact on the collective consciousness are inspiring and motivate people because they are our stories too!

BLOGTALK is an internet talk show radio station. Subjects of social interest are up for discussion, participation and collaboration, giving the ability of freedom in broadcasting to the individual. Thousands of listeners per day are exposed to self development, education, and inspiration from our servant leaders who demonstrate good work through their activity. I am passionate about bringing awareness of the big picture to our small everyday worlds, thereby engaging the hearts and minds of our communities for collaboration. My mission is to bring awareness of the shifts taking place in our consciousness, in the here and NEXTNOW where reside our social movement and gathering for global change.
With affection and exuberant optimism,

Susan Collins
NextNow Seattle, WA

Principal and Head Coach Empowerment Enterprises
Empowering People for Success
Seattle, WA – Milan, Italy

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