Bruce Damer’s Planetary Mood Ring: BBC Interview

Those who have been following our work with the Global Coherence Initiative will really appreciate this spontaneous imagination initiative by NextNower Bruce Damer to attempt to reflect the “feeling state” of the planet.  While GCI is a science-based initiative, Planetary Mood Ring‘s invitation of personal, subjective reports of moods, once they are able to be visually mapped, could start to provide us with an interesting reflection of our collective condition.  Below is Bruce’s announcement.  (By the way, I just added my own moodie, but didn’t realize that in the aggregate there’s a limit to the number of characters, so it was abbreviated.  I reported, “Concerned:  I’m watching State of the Planet 2010 live. Economist/Earth Institute at Columbia University and Ericsson. The moodie you’re missing is, “conflicted.” On the one hand I’m so grateful that the parties who have shown up from around the world that represent established power structure are having this conversation; my concern is that they are new to a conversation that has been going on for over 20 years by those paying attention. We can’t wait another 20 years.)

From Bruce:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye Bay Area friends, If you are a radioaholic like I am you may enjoy an excellent new BBC World Service Radio programme called The Forum. Two weeks ago I was a guest along with computer scientist Dame Wendy Hall, and security guru blogger Evgeny Morozov. As a part of the programme they asked me to come up with a ’60 second idea to change the world’ and this is what popped out of my head:

“Hey, lets create a ‘Planetary Mood Ring’: a central place on the Internet for every human to text, tweet, email, blog and click in the essence of their mood in any moment. These ‘moodies’ will provide us with an instant emotional pulse check on our planet.”

While the show was airing worldwide (to 40 million listeners, yikes!) they announced the Planetary Mood Ring idea and Peter and I were ready with our site and capture mechanism set up. Moodies started to stream in. You can see the results at:
So send us your Moodies today! Also if anyone out there wants to take all these Moodies and paint a map of the world in colors (like the old Mood Rings of the 1970s) feel free. We have an HTTP stream available. Ideally we would like to have a java applet or plot on Google Maps showing ever changing colors as the mood shifts. One goal for this effort is to show the negative effects of broadcast media and ‘news’ that is gradually toxifying our mental and spirit-space, especially here in the US. Another is to help lift the mood of us all through mutually sharing reasons to feel good.

Listen to the show online at: