NextNow Collab Joins Sustainability Cluster in the New David Brower Center

Picture 43NextNow Collaboratory adds a second office by joining the Sustainable Enterprise Cluster at the new David Brower Center, one of the Bay Area’s most advanced green buildings.  The building developers, Equity Community Builders, also developed San Francisco’s Thoreau Center for Sustainability.  Situated right across the street from the University of California, Berkeley, the DBC considers itself the region’s hub for environmental and social action.  It was conceived as a physical space that will foster collaboration among tenants and with the larger community, help catalyze a broader population in advocacy, and facilitate cross-sector communication and solutions. 

We’re thrilled to be part of this community that includes Earth Island Institute, The Center for Ecoliteracy, and The Redford Center, as well as several for-profit companies dedicated to facilitating the shift.

Picture 44We went to the (sold out) Housewarming Benefit Party last night, and made a short film right before leaving when the crowd had thinned and it was possible to get a bit of a view of the interior.  My favorite parts are the courtyard, the atrium (which has great gallery space for which we’ve already submitted a proposal for a mapping science exhibit), and the Goldman Theatre.  There’s a slight lack of uniformity among the color of the theatre seats–a few different shades of red, which actually looks fantastic)–because the fabric is all recycled.

When you come to visit, put this in the category of “Don’t Miss” (and still “Coming Soon”):  Building Dashboard: Our interactive Building Dashboard will make the Brower Center’s energy consumption transparent by allowing the Center, our tenants and our visitors to monitor the building’s energy “vital signs” in real time right from this site. Check out our consumption right now, or look at consumption patterns over time. Compare our building’s usage with another monitored building. And get an in-depth look at the green design features that help reduce our impact on the planet.

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