Cosmometry: The Art of Modeling and Mapping the Cosmos (4/16 Event)


Aligned with our emphasis on supporting information visualization projects, NextNow Collaboratory was an early supporter of Cosmometry, and Thursday, 4/16 is a rare opportunity to hear about the project.  This presentation will be hosted by the Kalliopeia Foundation in San Rafael where we will get “a breathtaking look at the patterns and shapes hidden within our universe.  To see these emerge and become aware of them is a magical and awe-inspiring experience.  Cosmometry is both an ancient field and a newly emerging one.  It is ancient in that human beings have been discerning  and describing the fundamental nature of cosmic design for centuries; and new in that we are now at the threshold of understanding and applying this essential knowledge at an entirely new level of comprehension.  Most commonly known as Sacred Geometry, the breadth and depth of this field has now exceeded the scope of this term and therefore has a risen the need for a new name:  Cosmometry.

picture-24Cosmometry is the art of modeling and visually mapping the many dimensions of the universe.  At every scale, from macro-galactic to micro-atomic, the same patterns, structures, processes and principles can be found constructing, sustaining and transforming all aspects of manifestation.  Whether physical (material) or metaphysical (energetic), we are beginning to be able to make visible the cosmic patterning that is present, discernible and comprehensively integral within all expressions arising from the unified field of pure potential.

This presentation will introduce the fundamental aspects of Cosmometry and the field as a whole, as well as showcase examples of how understanding of this knowledge is being applied within various fields of human endeavor.  This is a very visual presentation with numerous images showing these patterns, structures, and processes in nature.  It is not technical or deeply scientific, yet it is grounded in observable “fact” and logical scientific premise that have been corroborated by many contemporary researchers as the leading edge of the field.”

We’re so excited to see the progress the Cosmometry team has made over the last year.  It’s fascinating to imagine how this emerging field could interact with and inform an application like Sky (which enables Google Earth users to view and navigate through 100 million individual stars and 200 million galaxies).

The host organization, Kalliopeia Foundation, supports work that contributes to the evolution of communites and cultures that honor the unity at the heart of life’s rich diversity.

RSVP’s are requested due to limited capacity.

Kalliopeia Foundation, 1623 5th Avenue, Bulding D, San Rafael, CA