HeartMath emWave Wins 2009 CES Show Award; Special Offer for NextNow

(The Institute of HeartMath is offering all NextNowNetwork and Collab members a 10% discount on emWaves.  A coupon code will be sent to members via email.)


The Institute of HeartMath (IHM)–the organization behind NNCollab’s collaboration project Global Coherence Initiative–just announced that the emWave Personal Stress Reliever WON the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show Last Gadget Standing People’s Choice Award, and came in second in the CES auditorium award.  From PRWeb:  picture-1Prior to the People’s Choice Competition, expert judges, including tech expert and Last Gadget Standing host Robin Raskin, and eight editors from NetShelter Technology Media network partner sites, such as Geek.com, Slashgear.com, MobileBurn.com, PhoneArena.com, FixYa.com, I4U.com, TechEBlog.com, and TGDaily.com, reviewed more than a hundred products. The experts narrowed the list to the top ten world-changing technologies of today that are sure to stand the test of time. Judges selected products most relevant to consumers’ lives, as well as those that fit the direction that the consumer electronics industry is headed. emWave PSR was selected by the judges as one of these top ten technologies and was then voted on by consumers.

The emWave will be a featured technology at the NextNowNetwork and Collab meeting in late February in Santa Cruz on Vizualizing EcoSentience (details TBA).

An earlier NNCollab post, Collective Heart Intelligence, introduced IHM’s De-Stress Kit as a resource for managing personal stress, a critical step in having access to our own highest intelligence.  Stress inhibits cortical activity.  When this happens, the higher capacities of the brain (i.e., creativity) are less available to us.  To be individually intelligent (and create opportunity to be collectively intelligent), we need access to the higher capacities of the brain.  The emWave is a bio-feedback technology that helps create this condition by focusing on heart rhythms, since the heart communicates with the brain.  In fact, both Rollin McCraty at IHM and Dean Radin, a colleague at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, have shared with me that the heart sends more information to the brain than it receives—and it’s the only organ where that’s true.  The emWave teaches us to bring ourselves into a coherent state where higher order functioning of the brain is possible.  From the IHM website:

Stress creates incoherence in our heart rhythms. However, when we are in a state of high heart rhythm coherence the nervous system, heart, hormonal and immune systems are working efficiently and we feel good emotionally. emWave Personal Stress Reliever helps you reduce your emotional stress by displaying your level of heart rhythm coherence in real time. But emWave does more than just display coherence levels. It guides you toward stress relief by training you to shift into a coherent, high performance state.”

View the CES Video:


Press Release can be seen on PRWeb or BusinessWire.  For another NNCollab post on IHM, see Why Wait for Earth Day?

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