Issue Mapping Member Event: CogNexus Institute

NextNow Collaboratory has special interest in member projects that use information visualization technologies to elucidate/illuminate complex issues with social relevance.  NextNower Jeff Conklin’s CogNexus Institute is about to begin their next Issue Mapping Webinar Series, scheduled for January 14, 2009. There is a $100 Early Bird Discount that ends January 5th; here’s where you can register.

From the CogNexus website:

Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well informed just to be undecided about them. Laurence J. Peter

What is Issue Mapping?

An issue map makes critical thinking visible; it is a visual display that integrates ideas, issues, points of view, arguments, evidence and documents. Different from other mapping techniques, Issue Mapping is scalable and exposes the deep structure of an issue. Issue Mapping combines two components: a language called IBIS and the free software called Compendium. When applying the skill of Issue Mapping, working on projects with both technical and social complexity becomes easier, more manageable and more effective.

Issue Mapping (as well as Dialogue Mapping) are some of the few tools that were designed specifically to work with Wicked Problems, problems that have a high level of social and technical complexity and are so complicated that stakeholders often can’t even agree on what the problem is, let alone the solution. Global examples of Wicked Problems are issues like climate change and starvation, but most companies and organizations have their own set of Wicked Problems as well. Issue and Dialogue Mapping help people take the idea of Wicked Problems out of the theoretical and into a space of decision making, collaboration and action.

Our Issue Mapping Webinar Series gives participants the opportunity to learn and apply this powerful tool.  We are excited to be offering this course because it gives participants a tool they can use immediately in their work and their lives to address highly complex and Wicked Problems. The course is also the prerequisite for our Dialogue Mapping Workshop, scheduled for March 17th and 18th in Washington, DC.