Collective Intelligence Book and Global Competition

For those unable to make the Program for the Future events next week (and you will be missed!), here’s an opportunity to purchase a Limited BETA edition, signed and numbered copy of the book Evolving Collective Intelligence by NextNower’s Valerie Landau, Eileen Clegg, and Doug EngelbartAs Doug says in the preface, the book is intended to be the beginning of a dialogue with all who read it.

Join the conversation, enter the Global Challenge for Collective Intelligence Tools (launching at the event–selected interactive tools will be built as permanent exhibits at The Tech and the MIT museums, and submissions may come from any field, including politics, the arts, economics, medicine and philanthropy), and add your co-creative genius to addressing the world’s complex challenges and opportunities!


Beta Version SOLD OUT! Watch for V.1.0 and new downloadable PDF coming soon.


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  2. […] Collective Intelligence Book and Global Competition […]

  3. No one has looked at the downside to the idea of collective intelligence. The literature on the upside is growing but we have a very short term memory given the past experience with such an idea. There is the unspoken assumption that we are all on the same page. Many who are excited about this concept are also supportive of the idea of “cultural creatives”, many of whom would find such an idea very frightening. Someone once said that when God created humans, he took a chance; intelligence is not necessarily a survival characteristic. Maybe the saving grace for humans is the existence of uniqueness with a hint of collaboration? The history of humans with such an idea is not the best advertisement for such an idea.

    1. NextNow Collaboratory

      Hi Tom, thanks for this critically important insight. There actually were many offline conversations about how to avoid “the tragedy of the commons,” groupthink, and lowest common denominators, so while the official Program for the Future was as much a celebration as a catalyst for the resurgence of creativity in the area of collective intelligence, as a community I sensed that we are very aware of the issues you raise.
      My personal opinion is that real collective intelligence isn’t only a product of human thinking–it actually requires that we tap in to ALL of the human intelligences, as well as the intelligence of Nature. If this were truly and sincerely accomplished, collective intelligence would represent a Whole greater than the sum of the parts, which by definition would avoid the tragic examples of the past.

  4. Bill Daul

    As usual Claudia, you are on the pulse of the pulse! Thanks for your insightful and significant entries.

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