Green Unconference and Reminder of other December NN Member Events

Reminders of upcoming NN member events (below) and one late announcement–Bill Johnston (Forum One Networks) Green Unconference event details on December 3 in Mountain View:

picture-121The Green Enterprise Unconference is a gathering of change agents leading social responsibility, environmental sustainability and social entrepreneurship programs in their organizations.

Those involved with green initiatives in the Enterprise are faced with driving change within their organization, while simultaneously learning. The best source of information for green professionals is the perspective and experience of other green professionals.

The Green Enterprise Unconference is inspired by the “open space” conference format, which puts control of the event content in the hands of the attendees. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of “Open Space”, the idea is to tap in to the collective knowledge of the attendees by having the Unconference attendees actually drive the agenda and session topics. Open Space is the perfect antidote to the prevailing “talking heads” conference model, because the sessions are truly in-depth conversations. You will meet the people you need to talk to and you will have the conversations you need to have!  (For a good description of an unconference event, see The Unconference format allows the best ideas of the group to come forward, facilitates extensive networking, and ensures thorough documentation of the proceedings.

The Green Enterprise Unconference is intended for those in their organizations responsible for green strategy and leading sustainability initiatives.  We also expect related professionals, including other corporate representatives (such as from manufacturing, facilities, marketing, or IT); service-related companies relevant to this topic, VCs, the Press, and interested individuals from academia or the public.  We expect several dozen sessions covering a broad range of topics relevant to enterprise green strategy, implementation, measurement, education, and practical experience regarding best practices.

The event takes place on December 3rd at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA.  Advisors for the Unconference span multiple sectors, and include Autodesk, Random House, GreenIT, and Green MBA at Dominican University of California. Current attendees include senior staff from Google,Yahoo, Sun, Dominican University Green MBA Program, GreenIT, Accolo, Positive Impact Partner, Planning for Sustainable Communities, Goodwill Industries and others.  To register, please go to:

And reminders about Zann Gill at Media X (Stanford) “Nine ECO-logical Design Principles for Multi-Agent Innovation Networks” on December 4, and the Program for the Future at the Tech in San Jose December 8 and at SRI December 9. Please join us!