Service Science and “A Smarter Planet”

Mr. Palmisano on "A Smarter Planet"
Mr. Palmisano on "A Smarter Planet"

Last summer’s NNC entry on Service Science, “NextNowNetwork and MediaX explore Service Science with Jim Sphorer,” is still one of the most-read entries.  Clearly, there’s a lot of interest in the topic.

To touch back in on Service Science, here are a couple of links Jim Sporher sent to Bill Daul today.  In a speech by IBM Chairman, President, and CEO Sam Palmisano given at the Council on Foreign Relations on the use of technology to infuse intelligence into decision-making both in systems and in individual decision making, Mr. Palmisano mentions the importance of “Services as a Science” in his answer to a question from the audience. Also follow Jim’s entry on this speech and blog thread on Service Science at SRIC (Service Research & Innovation Community).

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  1. If any of the readers here find that Jim Spohrer is in your neighborhood speaking…GO LISTEN…it is worth the trip no matter how far you have to go. -b

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