NextNow’s Zann Gill at Stanford’s Media X


NextNow member Zann Gill will be speaking at NNC partner organization Media X at Stanford on December 4, 2008 with the specific objective of exploring the increasingly significant role Media X can play at the intersection of new media and complex, cross-disciplinary challenges. Please join the conversation, lend us your genius, and learn about raising our collaborative intelligence.

Thursday, December 4th, 6 – 7 PM at Media X — Stanford University‘s Peter Wallenberg Learning Theater, Building 160, Room 124
Stanford web event listing here

There will be a no-host NextNow dinner following the talk at Jing Jing, 443 Emerson St. in Palo Alto.
RSVP by December 1st.


Nine ECO-logical design principles for multi-agent innovation networks
Drawing from her forthcoming book, What Daedalus told Darwin, Zann Gill will describe how design thinking can harness new media to promote cross-disciplinary collaboration, citing innovation network principles and dynamics found in the origin and evolution of life with lessons for eco-sustainability.

Though we’re poised to experience the impact of what Garrett Hardin evocatively predicted in 1968 would escalate into a Tragedy of the Commons, where competition for scarce resources and “survival of the fittest” could threaten the delicate balance of Earth’s ecosystems, we’re also poised to harness web 2.0 digital media, learning systems, social networks and ubiquitous computing to reverse the downward slump — to achieve technological innovation, social change, revitalized cities and a greener economy.

This talk will describe how nine principles of ECO-logical design, illustrated in the origin and evolution of life, can “raise our collaborative intelligence.”


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