Election Resources

PLEASE REVISIT the October 17 post, “Something We Can Do,” which now includes new online election resources, including the beta version of TransparentDemocracy, whose CEO is Kim Cranston, Chair of the Global Security Institute (and son of the late Senator Alan Cranston), and fellow Social Venture Network member.

Engelbart Legacy Foundation: Augmenting Collective IQ

The NNC Engelbart Legacy Project collaboration supports the development of artifacts, web-based communities, interactive events and exhibits, and publications that will help us visualize and re-imagine efforts made over the last 40 years to augment human intelligence through the co-evolution of human systems and technology, specifically as originally envisioned by pioneer Doug Engelbart. SRI International is hosting a very special event to lauch the Engelbart Legacy Foundation on December 9, 2008 at Stanford’s Memorial Auditorium. This project collaboration is the result of the vision and commitment of NextNow members including Bill Daul, Dave Davison, Eileen Clegg, Mei Lin Fung, Valerie…