I’m leaving for the Big Tent and am wondering if any other NextNowers will be there.  If so, please let me know so we can connect.  Or if I can try to make an important connection for anyone, let me know that, too.

Please look at the schedule to see an inspiring list of topics and speakers.  There is also supposed to be streaming video by UstreamTV.

“The Big Tent will be the place to be for new media journalists, bloggers, reporters, and non-profit leaders covering the Democratic National Convention in Denver this summer.”

This is a non-partisan event.  From “The Big Tent Survival Guide:”

The purpose of The Big Tent is to provide a venue for participants to educate the public and discuss important issues facing our nation, and not to endorse or oppose any candidate for public office or political party.  Nor is the purpose of the Big Tent to influence legislation, whether by propaganda or otherwise. The opinions and views expressed by speakers, bloggers, and other participants at The Big Tent are solely those of the speakers, bloggers, and other participants and they do not reflect the views of The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, ProgressNow or their directors, staff, volunteers, officers, donors, subcontractors, tenants, sponsors or organizers.  In addition there will be no attempt to exert editorial control over language, content or views expressed.