Collaboration, Sustainability, and Personal/Collective Transformation

“Transformation…although it does have its moments of solitude, although there is a place for being alone on the path…I think that the commitment to transformation is something that is best done socially with a like minded group, with a society, with a community. I see the two great needs of our age as being the search for community and the necessity for sustainability of natural resources and of our life energies and we are not going to get either of them without transformation.”

β€” Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

NNN and Collaboratory member Claudia Welss (and the author of this blog) is a research collaborator with the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and recently the results of the Transformations of Consciousness study that she–I–worked on have been released in the form of a book, a DVD, and IONS’ first online learning program, all entitled Living Deeply. Stanley Krippner’s quote is included in the first section of the online program, and I decided to make this a NN Collaboratory post because his quote reminded me that at its core NextNow is about transformation, both personal and planetary, and about all of us consciously co-creating the world we want from an expanded awareness, in the time we’ve got, and with as much gratitude and joy for what is and what can be as we can hold (and share). These qualities describe the kinds of projects our collaboratory is committed to helping further, especially when they’re combined with the best in collaboration and information visualization tools.

The learning program is in beta, and is free. The video below from the first session, created by, is my belated Valentine’s Day wish for our network, friends, colleagues and all who read this. If it doesn’t load below, use this link


  1. Claudia B (III)

    Wonderful! Thank you for the reminder … : )

  2. beautiful…spiritual…

  3. favorited this one, man

  4. Both a calming and an inspiring journey of image and word. I watched it at a very trying moment of my life, and was greatly blessed. Thank you.

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