The Meta-Earth Confluence project is really a Met(t)a-Earth project, as pointed out by NextNow member Catherine Cunningham who reminded us that metta means “loving-kindness” in Sanskrit. However, rather than the complete absence of self-interest that defines pure metta, (, Met(t)a Earth is about enlightened self-interest, where the self-interest of the individual is tempered by and continuously negotiating with the needs of the whole, so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

From Barbara Marx Hubbard: “Here is what we learn by examining the principles of evolution. When nature hits limits and crises that cannot be resolved by doing more of the same, she innovates and transforms. The key method of transformation is to foster synergy and cooperation.

As evolution biologist Elisabet Sahtouris tells us, when young species are over populating, polluting, and competing, they either learn enlightened self-interest, negotiation, cooperation, and synergy or they become extinct. The same seems to apply to us. The only difference is that we are conscious of our situation, that we can destroy or evolve ourselves. This is a great step forward in evolution.

In order to get through this set of interrelated problems quickly enough, we need to cultivate SOCIAL SYNERGY, the coming together of separate groups, initiatives, and ideas to form a new whole system different from and greater than the sum of our parts.”

NextNow Collaboratory is about unleashing the social synergy in the NextNow Network of networks and the broader community, and leveraging it for the greater good, embracing the definition of metta as the philosophy and practice of universal love; love in action.