One Member’s Creative Response to THE 11th HOUR

NextNower Terry DuBois had a creative response to THE 11th HOUR that we thought we’d share. His story follows; perhaps it will be an inspiration to others:

Thank you for the information about 11th Hour. It comes at a good time. I am preparing to co-teach another collaborative research class (of art, music, film, architecture, landscape, science, business, etc. students) on Sustainable Design this semester. We will be bringing the class to San Francisco for a week, to study a site in the city near the Bay Bridge to do a Sustainable Design concept project – “Coastal Communities and Sustainable Design” and then return to Montana to work on the project. The class uses media — video, Google Earth/SketchUp, Virtual Worlds, YouTube, DVDs etc. to convey their work, as part of our Media Literacy program with the students. I will make sure that our class sees The 11th Hour, either in Montana, or when we come to San Francisco. I’m sure it will have an impact on what they do in this class and then in turn any of the continuing press our class/Lab will receive in the next year. In the last year our classes have been written up in Popular Science (called our class “perhaps the future of distance learning”) Architectural Record, International and online editions of Newsweek, CADalyst magazine, and I have presented our work at the AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), Harvard-MIT Image & Meaning conference, AIA (American Institute of Architects). I’ve also had the pleasure of co-teaching a Peaks and Potential Summer Class that we called “Save The EARTH” where 11-14 year old were involved in a Media Literacy project, making a DVD about what they would do to save the planet and urged others to do so, too. Our University students in turn, will transform the companies with which they work, as our current graduates are being snapped up by firms that want individuals who can work collaboratively on creative, innovative, technical projects. A number of our students have been hired on the spot by companies, after viewing the work they created for our class.

Thank you again for the information about the 11th Hour. Regards, Terry

Terry A. Beaubois, AIA
Director, Creative Research Lab
College of Arts & Architecture
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717


  1. p.s. I should add that I wrote about the 11th Hour for Shaping Youth (see link list in article below) I did a round-up of some of our sustainability/green articles pertaining to kids’ engagement on the eco-front, capsulated in this post called Eco-friendly Electronics: Go Green With Your Wired World (link here)

    Some features, (like the Tesla Motors green sports car article) targets collegiate youth more than ‘kids’ but it’s all integration of sustainable media messaging! 🙂 –Amy

  2. Terry, I think you’d make a great interview on Shaping Youth, esp. the tween/teen engagement along the lines of media literacy. Next time you’re in town, let’s connect via the NextNow crew!

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