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“The ISDE attendees seem to be an interesting mix of scientists, politicians, technologists, environmentalists, students, and even spiritualists. The common theme seems to be concerns about our planet, but the approaches and philosophies seem diverse.”
Frank Taylor, Google Earth Blog

ISDE5, NextNow Collaboratory‘s most recent project, received some excellent content coverage:

Amnesty International chose to launch their new project called “Eyes on Darfur” at ISDE5, and there was a joint press release. The new program ( ) uses satellite imagery to prevent attacks on 12 certain at-risk villages, rather than evaluate where past attacks have been. It was thrilling that that they chose to announce this initiative at ISDE5. In this 2.42 minute segment on CBS, there are highlights of new work in Sudan by Amnesty International, with an interview of Louis Brown from New Zealand. This segment is reported to have been sent out to all CBS affiliates nationally.

CNET: this page includes 7 images and reports on ISDE5.

(Here is a link from CNET’s first page to a nice report on Rebecca Moore’s presentation, “Do-gooders Doing Google Earth,” not included in earlier 7 pages).

Patrick Cusick of Daily Planet Media did several stories from ISDE5: Apollo 14 astronaut and Institute of Noetic Sciences founder Edgar Mitchell, Google’s Michael Jones, computer mouse inventor Doug Engelbart, climate expert Robert Corell, and a summary of ISDE with Tim Foresman, ISDE5 Secretariat.

NBC (local)

National Public RadioMorning Edition” Interview with Amnesty International from ISDE5

Washington Post feature story from their magazine by Robin Mejia, the reporter whose first story about satellite images being used for human rights monitoring appeared in Mother Jones’ April/May issue, which was one of the first examples of imagery in a more mainstream publication:

The geospatial podcast and text notes from VerySpatial by Sue Bergeron and Jesse Rouse. Here is their page with all reports from ISDE5, with the most recent on top.

Japanese freelance reporter Ayako Jacobsson’s short report.

The current issue of Imaging Notes (ISDE5 sponsor) includes content from three of the speakers. They’ll be turning some audio recordings into podcasts as well. Check their website soon or subscribe at the website

Catherine Cunningham, an experienced photojournalist and current Director of the Eikosphere, has uploaded her 146 photos of ISDE5 here. Manuel Maqueda‘s beautiful photos of ISDE5 will appear here or on the ISDE5 website soon.


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    Famous Inventors

  2. Very nice coverage of the Symposium (I attended Tues-Wed & Friday).

  3. There are summaries for each of the first three days of ISDE5 at Google Earth Blog here:

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