Meta-Earth Confluence (M-EC)

Meta–A prefix meaning one level of description higher. If X is some concept then meta-X is data about, or processes operating on, X. For example, a metasyntax is syntax for specifying syntax, metalanguage is a language used to discuss language, meta-data is data about data, and meta-reasoning is reasoning about reasoning.

Confluentia–Latin for ‘act of flowing together’

One of the many great outcomes of the recent 5th International Symposium on Digital Earth (see photo samples online) is the emergence of Meta-Earth Confluence (M-EC), a commitment led by NNC members who were on the ISDE5 Program Committee and others.

Meta-Earth, having its roots in Digital Earth, uses Digital Earth technologies to describe humanity’s impact–both negative and positive–on our organic Earth, and then builds on that understanding to illuminate and catalyze effective, systemic social change. M-EC will include an “unconference,” building on the momentum gained at ISDE5, and promoting the flowing together of creativity and resources to initiate real commitment to humanitarian/environmentally restorative programs informed by Digital Earth.

It will also build on the new initiative Claudia Welss of NNC created for ISDE5 called Digital Earth/Digital Mind, a pioneering effort to help map the effects of consciousness onto Digital Earth. The description of her initiative, from the ISDE website: Digital Earth/Digital Mind Session Leaders: Claudia Welss + Tim Foresman The scientific community is just beginning to appreciate how the energetic fields generated by living systems interact with each other and with the planet as a whole. Digital Earth/Digital Mind is ISDE5’s effort to bring cutting-edge projects like the Global Consciousness Project and the Global Coherence Monitoring Project into the awareness of the growing Digital Earth community. These projects examine subtle data correlations between the earth’s fields and human (and/or animal and plant) activity as a way of understanding the relationships between them, potentially unlocking powerful solutions to our global challenges.
More details and highlights of the ISDE5 will appear soon.