Digital Earth

“The future is literally in our hands to mold as we like. But we cannot wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow is now.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

5th International Symposium on Digital Earth

June 5-9, 2007, University of California Berkeley campus, Berkeley, CA

NextNow Collaboratory is collaborating with the 5th International Digital Earth Symposium, being held in the U.S. for the first time in its history. Besides providing traditional sponsorship (along with Stanford, UC Berkeley, NASA and Google Earth), we’re collaborating with ISDE, Bioneers and Planetwork on content and process to help make this latest iteration a powerful and immersive learning experience. We’re also collaborating on innovation- and virtual-space facilitation to enable idea, relationship, commitment, and action generation during the symposium that will take on lives of their own. At the same time, we’re co-creating Digital Earth as a dynamic, inclusive collaboratory itself, and planning an annual Bay Area Digital Earth Summit.

In March 2007 we were fortunate enough to collaborate with Kaitiakitanga Youth Voice people in the U.S. on a Sustainability Learning Journey that included work on the International Youth Program for Digital Earth, a Center for Ecoliteracy program held on the Institute of Noetic Sciences campus, and a Business Innovation program with the Society for Organizational Learning.



Seeing Beyond Sight book cover  An evening of social-networking, creativity & big-picture thinking                                                                                                

NEXT THURS, MAY 17 | 5:30pm to 11pm | 111 Minna Gallery | San Francisco

NextNow Collaboratory is a Salon Partner along with Chronicle Books, Craigslist Foundation, Exploratorium, Hands On Bay Area, Headlands Center for the Arts, Just Think, Lighthouse for the Blind, Members Community, PeaceLabs, Photoworks, Red Ink Studios, Social Venture Network, SFZero, Spitfire Strategies for the “SEEING BEYOND SALON,” May 17, 2007 at 111 Minna Gallery next Thurs 5/17 (7:30pm – 12pm).

The party is celebrating SEEING BEYOND SIGHT, a new book by a good friend and fellow Social Venture Network member, Tony Deifell. The Los Angeles Times recently did a piece on his book; see

Also, tune in this Friday at 10am for KQED’s “The Forum with Michael Krasny” – they’re doing a one-hour call-in show about the SALON and the book.

Like our Colab, the Salon challenges us to see the world with more than our eyes. The evening will include a conversation on “Collaborating for Social Change” for emerging and established nonprofit leaders.

ABOUT SEEING BEYOND SIGHT: PHOTOGRAPHS BY BLIND TEENAGERS (Chronicle Books)Seeing Beyond Sight is a new book by Social Venture Network member Tony Deifell,
which challenge our definitions of art, vision, perception and what it
really means to see.

For more information:




NextNow Collaboratory co-sponsored Transformational Activism to Birth a New Cultural Paradigm, an intergenerational collaboration, at the Omega Institute in New York, September 10-15, 2006, and the ongoing collaboration hub. We’re quoted in a companion article, called Generation Awakening, which appeared in the Institute of Noetic Sciences Shift magazine. The organizers intentions were in strong alignment with NextNow:

“Creating a learning community of healers, elders, social artists, activists, and visionaries, in an experiential journey to:

* Connect to our authentic selves and the larger vision for our planet

* Discover new paradigm practices and models for transformative leadership

* Explore ways to shift personal, group, and global consciousness

* Deepen the connection between our inner work and our outer work

* Co-create powerful networks, projects, and communities to transform our world.”

*”Ideas that Spread like Wildflower” is a meme creation of NextNow Collaboratory member Eileen Clegg of Visual Insight.